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Carpet Cleaning

Benefits Of A Professional Carpet Cleaning

The conveniences of using a professional help for the maintenance of your floor coverings can be summarised as follows:

    Carpet Cleaning Services Acton

  • The life of your carpets will be extended;
  • We will protected them from further damages thanks to highly acclaimed cleaning solution – Scotchgard that our employees apply;
  • The bacteria and dirt that is accumulated deep into the carpet’s fibre, will be completely removed;
  • You do not need to concern yourself with buying cleaning products of any kind or preparing any tools before we come to your home – we will bring everything that will be needed for the job with us.
  • Any unpleasant smell caused by the carpets will disappear;
  • You will get a convenient way to cope with the maintenance of your floor coverings – no need to remove them or wait for them to dry;

Our workers apply the following well-proven and highly-efficient cleaning methods:

  • Dry cleaning – best suited for floor coverings from natural materials such as cotton;
  • Hot water extraction method – used for rugs made from synthetic fabrics;

The Difference of a Rugs Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services ActonYou have probably tried countless ways to clean and remove stains from your rugs and carpets, but nothing ever works the way you want it to. It takes a lot more that just vacuum cleaning and strong, but harmful, detergents that sometime create more problems than solving them. In most cases the material of the rugs and carpets thins out and falls apart or the colours fade away. What you really need is a helping hand. The same techniques and methods that we use on the carpets, will be applied to your rugs.

The fabrics will not be harmed and provided results are guaranteed. Everything will be done on spot – right in your house in the most convenient time for you. Just dial 020 3026 2268 and you can arrange a visit from our knowledgeable carpet cleaning specialists, at an appropriate day and time for you. You can get a better price if you combine the carpet maintenance with an end of tenancy cleaning.