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One Off Cleaning

The Convenience of One Off Cleaning:

    One Off Cleaning Services Acton

  • You will get a discount and quick solution for your household chores.
  • Full sanitation of your property from top to bottom.
  • Guarantee on every given task.
  • All of our employees are insured and police checked – no worries about your personal belongings.
  • 24/7 option to book – call us whenever the need arises.

The List Of The Tasks That We Will Perform

Wondering what does the one-off cleaning package include? Let us get into details.

  • bathroom – we start with the sanitary wares. Then we move to the tiles and grout. Your toilet will be disinfected as well. The bathtubs, shower cabins, taps, sink will be cleaned. And finally polishing the mirrors and bathroom vanities.
  • kitchen – all surfaces will be disinfected using only natural products. This is very important because the kitchen is the place where people eat, and using harsh chemicals is dangerous. Off course as we already mention on our home page – we do not use toxic cleaning solutions. We will take care of your dishes, too. The hard floor will be mopped and cleaned using a special polishing cleaning agent.
  • living room – dusting every surface, vacuum cleaning the floor, polishing the wooden furniture and clean the upholstery, arranging your stuff (depending on your personal preferences, so please tell us in advance if you want to cancel this task).
  • bedroom – we will make your bed, change the sheets (if you require), collect the dust, arrange you wardrobe (whenever you inform us prior to our visit), vacuum clean the floor.
  • laundry – we can do your laundry, but please take in mind that due to the time limitations of our visit, we can wash only certain amount of your cloths. However using our services on a regular basis, removes this limitation because we can schedule and optimise our laundry duties.

One Off Cleaning Services ActonThese are just some of the tasks that we can accomplish for you. On areas such as carpet and upholstery, a special equipment is required. That is why you should describe, what you want us to clean in your house.The oven cleaning service is not included in the basic one off package. The same goes with the carpet and upholstery cleaning. We only vacuum clean them. They can be included but it will affect the final bill. It is important to inform us before we give you the total price during the booking process. But do not worry, as we have already mention, you will get a discount if you request a couple of our services.